Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gunslinger in Cowboys & Indians Magazine...Robert Duvall Issue (July 2010)

I want to extend a huge thank you to Cowboys & Indians Magazine for the awesome four page article on us, Gunslinger, my sweet town of Bandera, and The National Day of the American Cowboy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have had such a warm response to the article and the items pictured. We are busy taking orders on custom Marchador boots, whipstiched hats, chaps, and jewelry. Hope you can pick up a copy! Our ad (which features me being roped in by Kevin Fitzpatrick...see post and video below) is on page 31...our story pgs. 148-151. I not only had fun telling them about Gunslinger, but also about my favorite places in Bandera to stay, play, eat, etc. Enjoy!

It's a media blitz! American Cowboy Collector's Edition...June/July 2010 lists Bandera as one of the top three places to be....

...for National Day of the American Cowboy! July 23-July 24th...come and celebrate with us. South Texas Ranch Rodeo both Friday and Saturday nights...sponsored by The Frontier Times Museum (I'm on the board and on the committee) We are inducting some very special Texans in to our Texas Heroes Hall of Honor...including Red Steagall and Buck Taylor (remember Gunsmoke? OK...remember the reruns??? I get to watch them almost nightly with hubby who thinks he's Matt Dillon)


Buy a copy of American Cowboy Magazine and hop on the Bandera Media Blitz!

Bandera is in True West Magazine July 2010 issue!

The July issue of True West Magazine is now out on the stands! They interviewed me and Genie Strickland on "What's it like to live in Bandera, Texas"...and our local businesses have ads (pgs. 55-57) to accompany the article which is on page 54. Grab a copy today and read about "The Cowboy Capital of the World!" Thanks to all my friends who advertised: Running R Guest Ranch, Twin Elm Guest Ranch, Bandera Visitors Center, The Longhorn Saloon, Skyline Ranch RV Park, The Flying L, 11th Street Cowboy Bar, Mulberry's Wine and Cheese Bar, and Texas Country Furniture.

On pages 50 & 51 is a "Short Story of American West" by my talented friend, Celeste Sotola and her hubby, Earl Martin. It offers a refreshing twist to this western mag!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Champion Trick Roper Kevin Fitzpatrick ropes me in!

Howdy y'all! Things are hoppin' ever since our latest ad in the Cowboys and Indians July 2010 issue, featuring some really neat new stuff from Gunslinger. The best thing about that photo shoot, besides wearing those awesome leather fringed chaps (I love them so much!) was gettin' roped in by Kevin Fitzpatrick, a World Champion Trick Roper living right here in Bandera, Tx! Check out this video from the shoot:

He is so amazing! Next time y'all are in Bandera stop on by Gunslinger and check out some of the new merchandise or head on over to and take a peek.
Hope y'all are well!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Bandera, Texas!

We are totally looking forward to our trunk show with Tyler of Double D Ranch!! He'll be bringing current and fall fashions to Gunslinger! The PRCA Rodeo is both Friday and Saturday at Mansfield Park...and don't forget the parade will promptly start at 11am on Saturday morning. We'll have a cold one waitin' for ya all weekend. Dallas BF will be a big welcome to Kenda Sue Elliott who is FINALLY making it down to The Cowboy Capital of the World! Also...a BIG Happy Birthday to my good friend and customer, Debbie Davis. Jim and I have had a ton of fun learning to KAYAK down the Medina River...which is running deep and clear, so bring your kayaks and 'tubes when you visit Bandera this spring and summer.
Hope to see y'all soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


WooHoo!!!! Gunslinger is featured in the "Where to Shop" section on page 92 in the May/June issue of Cowgirl Magazine! Have you subscribed yet? Just go to it's only $14.95 a year! This is the third beautiful issue loaded with fashion, horses, and everything a cowgirl (or a dimestore cowgirl like me) wants to read about...and... it gets better and better every time. Callan, the gorgeous blonde editor-in-chief, had also asked Gunslinger (along with another one of my favorite stores, Maverick...Ft. Worth...and my good friend Celeste of Montana Dreamwear) to send in some of our yummiest spring and summer pieces for the Desert Rose fashion shoot on pages 25-34. We also made the "Jean Map" with our Miss Me cowhide pocket jean. We LOVE their pockets and long lean look...and, as I blogged earlier...we are expecting five new styles next week.

Thank you, Callan...for putting us in the spotlight in your FAB magazine!

Beautiful, glorious May!

We are living in a sea of wildflowers here in the Hill Country! Every day it seems there is a new burst of color! I'm dining at The Laurel Tree restaurant in Utopia this weekend. I hear it is surrounded by gorgeous red poppies and I'm hoping they last until I get there.

We just rec'd a new crop of Tasha Pollizi...will try and upload pics this weekend. More Miss Me Jeans are on their way! Five new styles plus some cute tops.

Are we Facebook friends yet? Gunslinger Bandera

Big hugs from Bandera~